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Spain info

Is the pathway to all you need to know about living in Spain

Be prepared for all eventualities, own the Spain info Card

Your own private consultant

Never before has obtaining correct information been so simple



Are there matters that are concerning you? Do you need accurate information and advice? Has the information provided to you by a ‘professional’, Spanish administration or any  source been incorrect? Let us give you peace of mind.


Do you know that by owning a Spain info Card, you can just pick up the phone and speak directly and in confidence with a paralegal with expertise on most issues relating to living in Spain. A paralegal committed to deal with your enquiry promptly.


As a Spain info Card holder, you can be assured that each of your enquiries will be prioritsed. For matters where procedures need to be carried out and you are not using a professional, you will receive guidance. With your personalised Spain info Card you can expect consistency.

Your  Spain Info Card?

Are you the type of person who insists on Independent, impartial and accurate information and advice ? Then, the Spain info Membership Card is for you!

Did you know that now you can just pick up the phone and speak directly and in confidence with a paralegal?   Our paralegal has expertise on matters relating to Spain, legal or otherwise.  Would you like your enquiry to be dealt with promptly and efficiently? Then you need to own the Spain info Card.

Just simply call or email for information or advice relating to: Relocation. Residency options.  Purchasing or Selling a Property.  Planning to own or already own a Holiday Home. Healthcare Options. Your Family. Pensionable Age. Legal Matters. The right independent lawyer to choose. Banks. Vehicles. Visiting and much more.

Your Personalised Membership Card is also Your Pathway to an Independent Lawyer, Tax Consultant, Real Estate and any other professional.

“The little card that is revolutionising  the way you receive accurate and up to date information about Spain”

Your Spain info PVC credit sized card fits into your purse or wallet,  ensures availability wherever you are.

Availability to your own private consultant.

Free call back to UK, USA  and some European countries.

This reliable Spain info Card will also cover your spouse or partner.  Includes all minor children under 18.

For your and your family’s security and peace of mind,  


Don’t leave home without it.

A PVC credit sized card which includes your name, card number, the issue date and a call centre number for contact.

Access to a  Professional providing accurate information, advice and guidance,  covering Spain and the Islands.


If necessary, provide you with registered lawyers holding professional Indemnity insurance for extra protection

A Call Centre. Once you own a Spain info Card, you will have immediate access to two email addresses and a mobile number. Using these, you will be appointed a bilingual paralegal.

A paralegal will provide you with advice and information. It is not within the paralegals remit to peruse or provide paperwork but they may offer you this service at a fee. You may wish to be referred to an accountant or lawyer.


Card includes family membership (spouse/partner & children under 18). You may make unlimited calls and speak with a professional  on matters relating to  your individual needs.

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