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Spain info Card

Pathway to all you need to know about living in Spain

Be prepared for all eventualities, own the Spain info Card

Your own private consultant. Option to update for a personal advisory consultant 

Own a Spain info card for peace of mind

Do you need a qualified paralegal with expertise in matters  relating to Spain to advise and guide you on complicated procedures?  Never before has obtaining correct information been so simple. Let your Spain info Card remove your doubts.

Owning a Spain info Card guarantees you professional advice and information ensuring that you avoid the pitfalls. Don’t be misguided by those who take fees and lead  you down the wrong  and normally expensive route. 

Purchasing and living in Spain should be pleasurable. Complicated procedures can be simplified. Make sure you have easy access to accurate information simply by placing a call to the Spain info Card Call Centre.

 Your Spain Info Card is an annual membership card. Cost annually for those purchasing this year (2023) is €120,00. It is a personalised PVC credit sized card which fits perfectly in a wallet or purse to have at hand wherever you may be. The card will contain your name, membership number, issues date and a telephone number to speak to a paralegal or leave a message. Owning the Spain info Card  allows you to call on weekdays (except holidays unless it is an emergency) between the hours of and The email address is always available.

The Spain info Card:

– Provides a professional and reliable source of information.
– Offers the option to upgrade to a personal advisory consultant for   ongoing assistance with specific issues.
– Extended usability: The card can be used by the title holder, their spouse/partner, and children in the family under 18.
– Access to a comprehensive list of topics and issues eligible for advice and guidance can be found on the services page.

You are not interested in buying a card? We offer services at minimal competetitive fees.

We advise that you keep the card with you at all times.

Who we are

Myra Cecilia Azzopardi Q.Inst.Pa

Qualified Paralegal. Founder and volunteer at the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain organisation. : Bilingual - English / Spanish

 “Myra Cecilia Azzopardi is a highly qualified paralegal, bilingual in English and Spanish. She is the founder and dedicated volunteer at Citizens Advice Bureau Spain, an organisation committed to assisting and supporting the expatriate community.

Driven by her experiences helping expatriates during political campaigns, Myra recognised the challenges they faced due to language barriers and the complex Spanish bureaucracy. This led her to establish the Costa Advice Bureau in 2006, aiming to provide a more extensive service.

Over the next seven years, it became evident that the expatriate community required a reliable source for support and information. In response, Myra initiated a project to create a resource hub for expatriate residents, non-residents, and visitors seeking advice, assistance, and accurate information—resulting in the formation of Citizens Advice Bureau Spain.

Myra emphasised, ‘Among the various challenges expatriates face in Spain, legal issues are often the most significant. Finding a suitable lawyer with expertise in specific areas of service can be daunting.*.  Myra emphasized, ‘Among the various challenges expatriates face in Spain, legal issues are often the most significant.

 To address this concern, she pioneered the Lawyer Smart Card, granting expatriates—whether they reside in Spain, own holiday homes, or are just visiting—access to essential legal services and protection. This initiative underscored the necessity for personalised consulting, culminating in the inception of the Spain Info Card, turning the vision into reality.”  

And we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the dedicated professionals who collaborate with us, including lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, and other experts. Their valuable contributions and expertise enrich our services and help us better serve our clients.

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