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For residents and holiday home owners, having a Spanish will is crucial. A valid foreign will would necessitate going through the probate process, resulting in delays and incurring additional costs for solicitor services, translations, and the legalisation with the Apostille of The Hague.

Please take a moment to answer the following questions, as they are essential in drafting your Spanish Will. This form is designed to help you clearly define the distribution of your assets when the time comes.

Once you've completed this form, a member of our team will review your responses to ensure there are no ambiguities that could create issues for your heirs in the future.

Additionally, do not forget to take your  passport to the notary.

After the review process, your draft copy will be made accessible for your approval at the selected notary office. The final document for your signature will be presented in both English and Spanish.

If you are signing your Spanish Will outside of Spain, we will take care of the necessary steps to register these documents with the Spanish Civil Registry.


Two suitable witnesses must attend the granting ceremony:

1. ° When the testator declares that he does not know or cannot sign the will.

2. ° When the testator, although he can sign it, is blind or declares that he does not know or cannot read the will himself.

If the testator who does not know or cannot read is completely deaf, the witnesses will read the will in the presence of the Notary and must declare that it coincides with the expressed will.

3. When the testator or the Notary requests it.


Our fee for this service is €100.00. Once you complete the form, you will be redirected to another page where you can make a payment using PayPal or you may choose to make a direct bank payment. All information will be provided. 

Please note that our fees do not cover notary fees, civil registry registration fees, courier expenses, or any additional translator fees you may encounter during this process.


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Your Personal Details

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Your Estate in Spain

Heirs and Beneficiaries

Please provide the details of your primary heir in the box below.
Please list your beneficiaries, and include full name, address, NIE if applicable, relation to you.

Signing your Spanish Will

Arranging a notary where you will sign your will.

In order to arrange a notary where you will sign your will:

Before Submitting Your Form

  • Before you submit check that you have:
  • Completed the form in full
  • Given details of your estate in Spain
  • Attached copy of your passport
  • Given your NIE number

If you require help in completing this form, do contact us at