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Crafting a solid will is more intricate than it seems. Many legal documents fall short due to subtleties in laws and wording. Our meticulous approach ensures your will accurately reflects your intentions, standing strong against legal challenges.

Let us handle the entire drafting process for just €110 per individual (excluding notary costs). Simplify the procedure by filling a form prepared by us and detailing your wishes. We will have your will expertly drafted for you to sign at a notary in your area.

If you decide to utilise this service, we will promptly send you the necessary forms.

We suggest that to avoid the cost and delays of probate, that your Spanish will is drafted in Spain for your Spanish assets and your UK will for your assets there.  

This form is exclusively intended for individual use, and any distribution or unauthorised sharing is strictly prohibited.

The appointment reserved at the notary will be scheduled solely for the individual named on the form.

 To get started, please fill out the short form below, and submit to start the payment process:

Pre-Application for Your Spanish Will
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