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The personal digital certificate is also called the natural person or user certificate. There are other certificates, such as company or public sector certificates. As a natural person, what you are interested in requesting is the personal digital certificate. The electronic certificate is a digital document that contains your identification data.

The certificate allows you to identify yourself on the Internet and also exchange information with other people and organisations, with the guarantee that only you and your interlocutor can access this information.

What is the digital certificate for?

The digital certificate allows you to carry out procedures safely with the Public Administrations through the Internet, such as, for example:

  • Tax presentation and settlement
  • Presentation of resources and claims
  • Consultation and registration in the municipal registry
  • Consultation of traffic fines
  • Consultation and procedures for requesting subsidies
  • Electronic signature of official documents and forms
  • Vida laboral (employment history in detail)
  • Application for the Spanish EHIC or provisional cert.

Where can I use my certificate?

  • In public and administrative offices.
  • Departments of traffic in 15 information on fines.
  • Check points on your driving licence.
  • Declaring and pay nonresident tax.
  • Applications for your padrón certificate.
  • Accessing your medical records.
  • Online is complete service.
  • Register self-employed.
  • Obtain copies of your income tax decoration.
  • Apply for criminal records certificate.

And much more.

Who can obtain an electronic citizen certificate?

Any person, of Spanish or foreign nationality, of legal age or emancipated minor, who is in possession of their identity document (DNI if they are Spanish nationality; or TIE, (NIE and passport, if they are foreign nationality).

Is there a cost to obtain a citizen certificate?

No. The digital certificate is free. You may pay a professional to obtain one for you.

Use our registered gestor to obtain the digital certificate.

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